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Melissa Hecht
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Woonsocket, RI


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Would you like to heal past trauma or purge negative emotional responses and habits that are no longer serving you?  There are ways to achieve this without years of therapy or continued difficulty functioning.  There is no longer a need to “live” with anything that causes emotional or physical pain and discomfort.  Intuitive Therapy with Melissa Hecht, MSW, LICSW could help you live to your fullest potential and be the best YOU you can be.

As a trained and experienced mental health therapist it has been my passion to assist others in the healing process.  Witnessing this journey has been a gift and an honor.  It has become my mission to find the most effective, compassionate and efficient methods of facilitating this healing and bring a more holistic approach to my work with clients.  Ensuring that every component of the person is included in treatment creates a faster and more complete road to success.  You have the ability to live healthy and happy every day.  I have created Intuitive Therapy to encompass this philosophy and provide a vehicle to help arrive at that destination.

Intuitive Therapy is traditional therapy incorporating holistic techniques in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment approach.  Ensuring that all of the parts of oneself are included creates a faster road to healing as well as honoring the connection that exists between all of one’s complex layers.  This treatment is intended to assist clients in purging negative responses and heal past trauma.  Sessions are 50 minutes in length and frequency is determined through discussion and planning with each client.


Sebastopol, CA
Energy Healing and Empowerment

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