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Carolyn Langley
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Watertown, MA

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Hello and Namaste! My name is Carolyn and I am certified as a Whole Health and Wellness Coach and Whole Health Educator through The National Institute of Whole Health in Wellesley, MA. I will facilitate a collaborative experience in which we look at your health concerns through five inter-related aspects of your life: physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual. The spiritual aspect is very broad and involves your values, your relationship to Nature and other people, and your sense of trust in yourself and in the flow of life.

I will help de-mystify the complexities of the body’s systems by giving you a simpler “Big Picture of Health” as well as insight into how lifestyle factors interact to form your state of health. As a research and information resource, I will give you material relevant to your particular health concerns, as well as helpful information about stress and the mind/body connection.

I support you in setting goals that YOU discover through our process or on your own, and help you be accountable to them in a way that works for you. You may be ready to make one small change and that’s great. Or you may be ready to explore multiple new behaviors to address your health issues. I am trained in the practice of providing “Pure Presence”, which offers the non-judgmental spaciousness for you to unfold at your own pace, with perhaps some revelations along the way!

You may choose a basic Wellness package of 6 sessions, or choose to continue on for as long as you like with support in making sustainable health changes. The first session is FREE!

As stated on the web site of the National Institute of Whole Health (, “Our Whole Health programs are accredited, endorsed or approved by all major health, nutrition, fitness, medical, nursing and allied health professional organizations in the U.S.” The NIWH has been in existence training professionals to look at and serve the whole person since 1977.

Besides practicing yoga for over 25 years, I have also been a certified yoga teacher since 1996 and interweave my skills in mindfulness, relaxation techniques and simple meditations to your sessions. I can also teach you helpful yoga poses or warm-up movements if desired. I have a Kripalu yoga certification, an Anusara-style certification and further training. I continue my studies in a more energy-focused approach to yoga in which we connect to the universal flows of energy through us, and let them be the source of our movements.


I came to Carolyn initially to help me figure out what do about various health issues I had been having.  She has been extremely useful at helpin g me with research, and with sorting out what to do and who to see.  Just as importantly, because of her background & training, she has been invaluable at working with me on practices to reduce stress and stay focused & present

As some more acute health issues have come up, it's been helpful to continue working through what I needed to do about them with her, rather than getting stuck or dragged down by them

Carolyn's great strength is being a thoughtful and respectful listener, willing and easily adapting to provide exactly the degree of support & feedback I have wanted in each session.  I strongly recommend her as a health coach.

-E. Cohen

Working with Carolyn helped me make significant progress towards
resolving a health issue that doctors had, so far, not been able to
resolve.  I felt so supported by Carolyn, which gave me a great deal
of relief.  Instead of the feeling that I had had from the doctors
that I should do what they say, even if it wasn't helping, instead I
felt fully validated and encouraged by Carolyn.

She researched my issue and handed me links and articles that were informative.

She was an excellent listener.  I felt like she was holding me gently
as I talked about the issue and what I had done so far.  This took me
more deeply into my own intuitive sense of my body.  How luxurious
to be able to talk about my health with someone sympathetic, who gave me her full attention!

She pointed me to a more holistic healthcare practice where I have
now found a new doctor who is completely sympathetic to giving me
tests and doing more research which I believe will eventually heal
the issue.  I also felt inspired to start a diet that was very successful.

I'm enormously grateful to Carolyn for her help.

I recommend her highly.

-S. Cockrell

Carolyn came into my life during a challenging time where my health was physically and emotionally robbing me of energy, clear thinking and contributing to high levels of anxiety and depression. When Carolyn approached me with her trusting, warm, caring, and knowledgeable approach, I was willing to do what I needed to do. She made it sound so easy and I knew that she would be there to guide me.

With Carolyn's support, guidance and compassion I felt confident to take the leap and do the work. I looked forward to Carolyn's visits.  Her patience and words of encouragement guided me through a scary and emotional period. She helped me to be kind to myself and forgiving.

Carolyn covered every aspect of my healing. Nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually. She provided me with reading materials, mantras, and many words of wisdom, but most of all she believed that I could do it.  She was right. I still have work to do--it is ongoing. Her commitment to helping me has enabled me to share in the responsibility of leading a more peaceful and healthier way of living. Carolyn was able to do all this in a professional manner individualizing my plan and altering it as we went along.

I am grateful to Carolyn for her expertise, honesty, and her gentle and guiding hand.

Thank you,

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    I went to Carolyn because of issues concerning fallout from a broken shoulder. In addition, I have been developing lower back pain from my work situation. The shoulder in particular has been causing me pain since it happened two years ago. Physical therapy and exercise both tend to hurt the ... Read More »
    - Marcia Lord 12/12/15

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