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Ingrid Oliphant
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Washington, DC


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I am a non-trained, natural-born, authentic and organic non-medical healer.  My background in criminal justice and mental health in no way prepared me for the gift that was given me four years ago. Now I travel the country to bring the work to where it is needed.  Here is how I describe it.

I have a Gift to share.

It has no name, it is of no modality.

It can neither be named nor limited by definition.

It is a direct experience of the Infinite.

This is more than mind-body medicine for wounded spirits

and battered bodies.

This 'healing' is so much more.

This is soul-waking self-discovery

that will change how you know yourself.

I work with people from all walks of life but lately most of my interactions are with other healers.  They call me the Healers Healer.  I choose to not give this gift a name.  I do not use language associated with either spirituality or metaphysics.  I sound more like George Carlin than many consider proper for healer-type.  For those reasons and more, I call myself the Misfit Mystic!

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