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Kambiz Naficy is an international master of Kriya breathing meditation coming from the lineage of Kriya Babajii (read Autobiography of a Yogi) . He has been teaching Kriya breathing meditation and self-transformation programs to thousands of people across three continents for more than twenty-five years.

His calming voice and loving presence quickly take participants into

effortless states of tranTuility, contentment, and joy.

Click here for testimonials about Master Naficy's work:

A master in opening the heart, Kambiz employs four approaches for

elimination of stress and fulfillment of your deepest desires:

1. Kriya breathing meditation to revitalize chakras and key energy-centers in your body. Enjoy calmness after 2.4 minutes of Kriya meditation.

2. Chanting primordial mantras to cleanse your body, mind, and Soul.

3. Elimination of negativity and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

4.  Fulfillment of your deepest desires through techniques that align your

energy-field with the Creative Force.

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