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Sophia Zoe
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22 Years in Practice
Toronto, ON
Toronto , ON

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I see the glorious potential in everyone. My life’s work is to help souls shine by eliminating the effects of traumatic memories. There is no need to suffer from flashbacks, body memory and all that those painful experiences created. The most fabulous part? No retelling of painful stories necessary. Optional, but entirely unnecessary.

By tuning into your subconscious, I determine which emotions are ready to be painlessly cleared. By neutralizing the energetic charge of trapped emotions, your entire body, mind and spirit will vibrate at a higher rate, allowing healing to occur on every level. Your sub-conscious prioritizes where the healing is needed, in what order. You will always get exactly what you need to feel better.

The energy healing techniques I've been trained in are gentle yet powerful. Clients go from feeling unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilled to joyfully expressing the exact opposite.

I live in Toronto, Canada. With the help of technology (phone and skype sessions) and metaphysics (distant/surrogate healing), everyone has access to me.

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I am excited to work with you. I hold space for your healing and thriving.

(The healing techniques listed under Specialties are all ones I can do at a distance. The ones I must do for you in person are Ear Candling and Access Consciousness.)

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    1 Review

    Sophia is highly intuitive, knowledgable and has a powerful straightforward approach to healing. I met her while living in Toronto and was able to receive a BEAM session with her that was extraordinarily healing for me as it helped me cope with the many stresses that were going on for ... Read More »
    - David Kennet 8/24/14

    Muscle Testing
    Aromatherapy Essential Oils Massage Treatment Demonstration by Sophia Zoe
    Energy Healing Treatments at a glance - EFT, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch
    EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques Demonstration - Accupuncture without the needles -- Energy Therapist » BEAM Therapy

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Energy Healing and Empowerment

    Santa Barbara, CA
    Swedish Massage
    Craniosacral Therapy
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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