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My background in wellness began in my country, Dominica. I was raised to know how to heal myself and others with natural medicine and energy-work.  Affectionately called "The Nature Isle of the Caribbean", Dominicans are known for maintaining health with water, wild crafted herbs and flowers (bush tea), organic foods grown in our backyards, and many more nature made elements...all within a refreshing community environment. This unique upbringing gifted me with the wisdom of the Reiki that I confidently integrate with Eastern and Western bodywork techniques, to achieve positive wellness results for my clients .
At Ht NTR, massage therapy is preventative, curative, and nurturing medicine for your wellness.
Find Nurture The Roots, LLC on and purchase a 2 hour "Spa Therapeutic" at a discounted rate of $150...Hurry, this offer won't last too long!

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