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Casey O'Connell
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Sudbury, MA

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Hi, I'm Casey O'Connell!

Welcome to An Inner Piece. It is truly my life's vision come to the physical.

I am an administrative professional by trade and a healer at heart. As a child I yearned to help others and to make the world a better place. The sensitivity I've been gifted with did not always feel as such and I spent many years attempting to escape this earthly reality and the emotions, pains and beliefs manifested here. I became a very gifted escape artist through media such as alcohol, with which I struggled heavily for nearly 6 years. That battle brought me to the spiritual lineage in which I now study and to the tools that I am able to share with you today through The Modern Mystery School and Lineage of King Salomon.

I consider myself a warrior, a healer and a teacher but most of all, I balance my foundation upon my own humanness. The gift of this life, I've found, is the ability to bring the divine here to earth through truly existing here: making mistakes, having relationships, taking risks, falling down, getting back up and everything in between. I look forward to the future with the ability to live as authentically as possible while helping others to do the same. Balance, I believe, is the foundational key to true joy.

I really look forward to working with you and would be honored to see you for a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

Access your inner magick through:

  • Life Activation
  • Full Spirit Activation
  • Guided Meditation: Max Meditation System™
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Negative Energy Clearing
  • Shamanic Aura Clearing & Essential Oils Healing
  • Jikiden Reiki
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    1 Review

    I've known Casey for a relatively short amount of time, yet I've seen her grow into this fiercely gentle warrior that is constantly guiding those around her towards their highest truth, whether it is through the time-tested healings she offers, or just tuning in to see what may be coming ... Read More »
    - Anthony Long 3/21/16

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