Muscle Fiber Minipulation

With all the techniques and "specialties" that therapists go for make it very difficult to really understand what you are getting. The technique performed is one of natural movements and pressure. Our bodies are made up of muscle fiber strands that actually look like spaghetti strands. Knots and pain derive from these fibers becoming bunched and shortened, creating tightness and lack of full range of motion in the muscle.
Essentially the strands that are tight and bunched get focused on and reset. Reset meaning; Using natural motions such as stretching, pressure, gliding, self contractions and stretching with pressure, allows the fibers that are causing issues to realign to their natural full lengthened state. Thus relieving pain symptoms and increasing range of motion. This method can be slightly painful, with some chance of next day or two soreness (not pain). But it is guaranteed to relieve even the worst of symptoms that you think will never go away!
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