Mudra Vigyan Rahasya

MUDRA VIGYAN:  (A perfect  & new technique to connect with divine  high frequency energy)

Picture104 ‘Health is Wealth’. Healthy body is the basis of happy life. To cure chronic diseases or to achieve mental peace, to complete spiritual journey or to awaken kundalani shakti, to change bad habits or to develop decision making capacity to lead life successfully ‘mudra vigyan’ is the best course.

Mudra vigyan is a part of Occult Science, introduced by Dr. S. K. Saini in 2008. He is Great Master in Occult Science. During his research he found that all Traditional Tantra Practioner’s Enlightenment and Kundalini Awakening secret is their Sitting Postures called Mudra Vigyan.
Out of total 108 (one hundred & eight) Mudras Dr. Saini found that 21 Mudras are sufficient for common people to get Health, Wealth and preparation to move towards the Spiritual Journey. Rest 87 Mudras are based on technical method and easy to get Enlightenment, Kundalini Awakening, Sadhna and Siddhies.

Note: It is essential to receive Guru Diksha (attunement) so that energy may get awaken in right direction. If energy will go in wrong direction it may adversely affect your mental state of mind.

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