Gong Meditation

The sound of the gong allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. We have used our mind since birth to perceive the world and through our mind we have constructed our own unique version of reality. Over time we have become habituated with a set of perceptual responses to the incoming data from the world outside our mind. These responses layer and layer upon each other and build up their own magnetic frequency. This magnetic frequency then radiates out from us and attracts similar frequencies. Like attracts like. This is why the change process is so difficult. We can add information. We can add knowledge. We think we know more, and we do. But we have not really changed. Our energetic being remains the same. Our basic magnetic frequency and our layered perceptual filters process the new information in the old habitual ways. New information does not change us. An energetic shift of our magnetic field changes us.
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