Crystal Therapy

crystal therapy Crystal Therapy Crystal Therapy is a non-invasive treatment used to facilitate healing. It uses vibrational medicine, based on the idea that when the patient wears or carries a certain gemstone, the vibrations from that rock can be felt by whoever is in close proximity to them. This is intended to re-align different energies within the body through the spiritual properties embodied in the stones. The crystal’s perfect atomic structure acts as a template for the human body to follow, allowing the human energy field to change direction, absorb other energy, and focus on certain things more keenly.

Crystal Therapy History

Crystals have been used throughout history in conjunction with spiritual and physical healing. The mind, spirit and body used to have a stronger correlation than that allowed by modern medicine. When a person was sick in the past, they were treated holistically to find any imbalance in the aura. Using crystals to realign any imbalance dates back as far as 25,000 BC, where paintings depict ancient Egyptian therapies involving gemstones. It is also believed that the ancient civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria may have used crystals for their healing properties.moh47 Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy Crystals

There are many crystals that are used for their healing properties. Some examples are:

Amber – this comes in shades of golden yellow. This stone is believed to help love energy flow between people, and balance the wearer’s self-esteem and confidence.

Selenite – this is believed to help align the wearer with their higher consciousness, and also help strengthen the spine, bone and muscular structures in the body.

Rose Lepidolite – this is a combination of lepidolite and mica, which results in balancing the electromagnetic field of the body.

Subilite – this is believed to activate the spleen, and balance the brain hemispheres.

Crystal Therapy Example

Crystal Therapies are intended to help the body’s natural processes in healing itself by acting as a blue-print of atomic perfection. The treatment usually takes place in a space that promotes peace and feelings of comfort in the patient, as the healer tries to emphasise the patient’s self-empowerment. The patient remains fully clothes, and either lays on a couch or sits on a chair for the duration of the therapy. The healer will ask them to relax, with audio aids and visualisation exercises. Crystals are then placed on and around the patient. Sessions usually run for one hour.

Crystal Therapy Benefits

Crystal Therapy is designed to give patients a relaxing experience, away from their usual life, that is similar to meditation. The patients often experience deep relaxation while the treatment is taking place, which boosts the immune system and makes the body function more efficiently, along with relieving stress. The therapy is also designed to help self-development, improve self-confidence, balance the mind, spirit and body, show the patient their life path, boost creativity, help spiritual development, improve communication, and increase the patient’s feeling of empowerment. Although there are believed to be many spiritual benefits of Crystal Therapy, it is not a treatment recommended to replace orthodox medical advice.

Crystal Therapy Beliefs

In certain areas of the home or office, crystals are believed to inspire certain kinds of energy into the user’s life. For example, assorted crystals placed in the entrance hall are believed to be warm and welcoming. Rose quartz, citrine, turquoise and clear quartz are recommended to promote harmony, cooling and healing in the living room. Yellow stones are believed to aid business lunches in the dining room, and blue and green stones are recommended for romantic dinners. Green and pink stones are believed to inspire love, and green stones, such as jade, are believed to facilitate restful sleep.

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