Energy Healing

The use of energy to balance chakras, to heal the body and promote overall health, while increasing the client's awareness of energy, energy fields and how energy is part of everything we feel and do. Meta (meaning beyond) Physics (the physical laws of nature) is the study of how the non-physical world and how it interacts with the physical world and create what we experience in life and after death. We are constantly exchanging energy with everyone we interact with, from the grocery store clerk to our significant other. How our energy flows can help create health or illness. We unconsciously send out thought forms which are formed by emotion, our energy and thoughts. Thought forms can be used to hurt or to heal. Our energy fields are the energy of who we are can attract experiences and people to us, manifesting what we experience. We can also use the knowledge of metaphysics and human energy fields to protect ourselves, to help others, such as in prayer and meditation. Energy can also be used to clear spaces of negative energy and earthbound entities.
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