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Integrative Yoga Therapy uses an ancient science of yoga to improve health and wellness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Yoga Therapy brings balance to the student and brings the student back to their true nature. Your true nature is calm, strong, grounded and connected to Self. Integrative Yoga Therapy is for those that are seeking relief from specific health issues, as well as those looking for preventative measures or to slow the progression of aging.

Integrative Yoga Therapy uses the ancient Vedic model of the Five Koshas as a framework for creating healing and transformation.

In integrative Yoga Therapy, the tools and techniques of yoga serve to reconnect each client to him or herself at all levels—from the physical body to the breath, the energetic body, mind and emotions, the higher wisdom faculty, and to the spirit. Some of the main ways in which Integrative Yoga Therapy differs from yoga are:

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