Chiron Healing

Chiron Healing is an Australian healing treatment that originated in Warrnambool in the late 1970s. It recognises matter as an expression or embodiment of energy, and thus views the human body as a network of different energy fields that interact with physical matter. The treatment itself aims to balance these energy systems within the body by implementing etheric energy to positive effect. It is designed to relieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pressure in order to promote a higher level of body function. Chiron Healing addresses the body as a whole in maintaining overall well-being and energy harmony in order to promote good health.

Chiron Healing Bio

Chiron Healing was developed by Jan Thomas, formerly known as Jan Trenorden, in the 1970s. She currently lives in Queensland, but devised Chiron Healing in Warrnambool, Victoria, where she would meet with a small group of health-care professionals to discuss and teach about human energy fields. Thomas is not only a master practitioner of Chiron Healing, but has also written a number of manuals outlining the technique Chiron along with other books on healing method and philosophies based on ancient energy beliefs.

Chiron Healing Description

Chiron Healing is taken from the ancient myth of Master Chiron, who was the teacher of healers, philosophers, astrologers, writers and artists, among other things. In recent history, Chiron Healing has been associated with the Aesculapian Healing Temples. The treatment is designed to aid not only physical problems, but also past and present emotional or spiritual trauma. The healing is intended to effect all three levels together to harmonise the body. Patients and practitioners learn how to access etheric patterns, maintain healthy energy flow, introduce daily techniques into their lives, and build a knowledge of Chiron that allows them to encourage all round well-being.

Chiron Mythology

Chiron Healing is named after the figure in Greek mythology, Chiron or Cheiron, who was a centaur. He was intelligent, civilised and gentle, which led to his being outcast by his peers, who were all rowdy drinkers who tended to get violent when intoxicated. He became known for his medical skill, his astrological mastery, and his prophetic ability. Chiron was also believed to be the last centaur, and taught many other mythological figures like Aesculapius, Aristarchus, Ajax, Aeneas, Actaeon, Caeneus, Theseus, Achilles, Jason, Peleus, Telamon, Heracles, Oileus, Phoenix, and in some stories, Dionysus. In the story of his death, Chiron sacrificed his own life, after giving up immortality, so humans could have the use of fire.

Chiron Comet

2060 Chiron was discovered by Charles Kowal in 1977, and was part of an entirely new class of heavenly bodies called centaurs with an orbit between Saturn and Uranus. To begin with, 2060 Chiron was classed as an asteroid, but then some scientists believed it to be a comet. Today it is classified as both. It has a very unique orbit, and measures about 150 km in diameter.

Chiron Healing Philosophy

Chiron Healing is based on the idea that there are three levels to everything — the etheric, the physical an the emotional. The treatment aims to address all three through the use of flower essences , essential oils, gem essences, etheric healing and surgery, colour, sound, form, mending schisms of feelings and emotions, and teaching how numerology, astrology and mathematics affect the body. The principles of Chiron asks the patient to learn self truths and recognise the difference in their body and that makes it unique in order to access and act upon these truths. Visit the home of IACHI online, the International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated for more information.

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