Oncology- Gentle Touch Massage

gentle touch massage - is used for people iving with cancer and their caregivers. This modality is done by a light petting type motion that is soothing to the client/ patient as well as calms the stress and axiety that the caregivers also go through while taking care of their family member or friend that has cancer.
Cancer patients during their treatments cannot handle a full on massage because their bodies have already been hit with a sunami of treatments , medications and they simply cannot handle it or the pressure that is used in a simple Swedish massage. as with a regular massage it can do more harm than good dependant on what stage of treatment they are in. This modality can be used during their treatments and aide in their comfort and healing on a level that they can tolerate. It helps with the anxiety and depression that they may experience as well as aide in a better restful sleep and help with insomnia.
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