Personal Resonance Health/ Life Coaching

These services are designed to provide wider support to manage and work with stress, create strategies for FREEDOM , and offer an opportunity to deepen personal insights and as a pathway process for self-healing, growth, and a successful vision for your life purpose ... You will also enhance Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding of your subtle energy field and its connection to your wellness and success.

Experience various  techniques of vibrational healing  with Rhythm, breath work, and visualization intending to create a deep insight into functional awareness of energy flow in the body.

ENERGY HEALING techniques locate and release blocked energy stored in the physical and subtle bodies and the chakras.

Energy healing cleansing and balancing techniques maintain good overall physical and subtle body wellness.

Benefits of Aura and Chakra Balancing include:

  • Physical, emotional and mental healing
  • Clarity of focus and purpose
  • Releasing of past traumas and negative habits
  • Overall harmony in personal relationships
  • Deeper spiritual self realization
  • Actualization of talents and abilities
  • Better memory and strength of character

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