Chakradance is a dance practice aimed at energising and freeing the body and soul. A combination of spontaneous dance, music, and guided imagery, it works powerfully by satiating the body and soul in tranquillity, and by encouraging greater expression of emotions. Ancient hurts are healed and the body and soul start to open up to greater spiritual connections.

The most potent aspect of the Chakradance is the music. The seven major Chakras all contain their own unique danceable music reflecting their specific purpose. This music has been composed by professional musicians all round the world and its contribution to the seven major Chakras is that it opens the energetic gateways through which the body, mind and spirit become whole again.

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Natalie Southgate

Chakradance was founded in London, in 1998, by Natalie Southgate. After moving to Australia, Natalie further developed this practice into the healing and energising dance it is today. She had always been passionate about dance and has gained certificates in Tap Dancing and Modern Dance. She is also an accredited energy healer, and healing therapist. Moreover, she has a diploma in Jungian Psychology, and is currently working on completing an MA in psychology.

Douglas Channing

A colleague of Natalie, Douglas Channing joined Chakradance in 2002 and has been working to further develop this healing practice ever since. Formally trained in classical ballet and a qualified fitness instructor, Douglas believes that creativity strengthens the body, mind, and spirit connection. In fact over the last few years Douglas has participated in a multitude of therapeutic practices including qi gong, dream groups, sand-play therapy, and polarity therapy. Douglas has found that in conjunction with Chakradance, these practices have not only worked to open him up creatively, but have also allowed for emotional and physical healing to take place within himself.

Chakradance Descriptions

The Dance of the Ancestors (Base Chakra)

The dance of the base chakra is inspired from tribal dancing. These tribal dances, practised amongst the indigenous people of Africa, North America and Australia, were dances which expressed and celebrated the people’s roots, grounding, and survival. The dance of the base chakra serves this same purpose and in this workshop there is a lot of emphasis on the movements of the legs and feet connecting the individual to the ground.

The Dance of Power (Solar Plexus Chakra)

The dance of the solar plexus chakra is a masculine, virile and athletic dance drawing inspiration from the warrior dances of Morocco, Spain, and Ancient Greece. This dance mimics the rhythmic art of fighting and works by arousing the inner warrior in the individual.

The Dance of Love (Heart Chakra)

The dance of the heart chakra utilises dramatic arm movements to create a state of harmony. This dance is inspired from dances in Ancient Spain, China and Egypt. It is a joyful and uplifting dance, symbolising balance, love and compassion.

The Dance of the Soul (Crown Chakra)

The dance of the crown chakra is a spiritual dance through which the individual opens the gateway to the soul. It is founded on many ritual dances practised by many different religions throughout history.

Chakradance Classes

The nine-week cycles are designed to aid individuals to discover, experience, and balance their own chakras. Following an introductory Chakra Dance session , each of the seven chakras is practised each week, with the last week dedicated to an integrated session. Music and dance are the main focus of these workshops; however, sessions also include working with the elements.

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