Bowen Therapy

bowen therapy1 Bowen Therapy Bowen therapy is a remarkable holistic therapy that involves the whole body. It aims to balance and integrate all the energetic and physical systems of the body. Bowen Therapy was developed by Tom Bowen in the mid 1950s. It was developed in Australia and he alone treated over 13,000 patients per year. He had an amazing success rate of 85-90%.

Health Conditions Treated by Bowen Therapy

After his death, Tom Bowen’s techniques have been renamed Bowen Therapy. Bowen therapy is helpful in a wide range of situations:

Bowen Therapy Process

bowen therapy1 Bowen Therapy Bowen therapy is a simple body balancing system that has met with phenomenal success. This therapy is based on the premise that the body becomes ill when the energy flowing through the body is blocked. Certain key points in the soft tissues of the body are gently worked upon. This stimulates the flow of energy and thereby releases tension, strain and blocks. This sets the body’s healing processes right, thus empowering the body to carry out its own healing.

The treatment is very gentle, relaxing and safe for all ages. The hard tissues are left alone; only the soft tissues are stimulated. Each session lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes. In many cases, long standing pain can be relieved in 3-5 sessions, though some cases may need more therapy.

Essentially, Bowen therapy believes that the body regularly performs its own balancing act which helps it remain in good health. When stress and tension upset this delicate balance the body protests and becomes ill. Bowen Therapy seeks to restore this delicate balance only. The rest of the healing process is left to the body.

Bowen therapy uses a kind of vibrational energy that makes the treatment safe for newborns as well as the elderly. In the process of healing, the therapist uses light cross-fibre maneuvers on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. There is no pulling or pushing. The therapist may leave the room intermittently to allow the muscles to make the necessary changes.

Bowen Therapy Cautions

After Bowen therapy, clients are advised to keep away from any other kind of physical therapy or manipulation for at least a week. Treatments like massage , chiropractic , acupuncture or kinesiology are to be strictly avoided during this period. Although all of these are non-invasive healing techniques, they may undo the balance the body gains from Bowen Therapy. Patients are also advised to take some extra care during this period. These include:

Certain reactions like hot and cold flushes, headaches and emotional releases are quite natural and are proof that the therapy is working.

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