Gua Sha (Hak)

Hak is an East Asian healing technique, it is a Lanna word and means to scrape or rub. In Vietnam the technique is called Cao Yio, in Indonesia; Kerik, in Laos; Khoud Lam and China; Gua Sha, each country they use diferent tools like; coin, soupspoon, stone or Buffalo Horn. Hak is carried out by applying repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin using a White Buffalo Horn from north of Thailand. Hak promotes the flow of energy and blood throughout the body, realising the toxins, its used to treat more than 200 disease. To perform the technique, specifically blended oil with made of 20 herbs is applied to the affected area, that promote the release of toxins that block energy and healthy blood flow. The use of Buffalo Horn is considered to have cooling properties. After being removed, the horns are cleaved in half, soaked in hot water, cleaned of any impurities, sliced, and dried in the sun for use in traditional medicine. Buffalo horn is comprised of a variety of chemicals and substances, including keratin, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and the amino acids cystine, leucine and arginine. Buffalo horn also contains several trace elements, including sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Its functions are to clear away heat, remove heat from the blood, and eliminate toxins. It can go till the Fascia, work very deep at three levels: 1. Muscular pain, ligament and knots 2. Increase blood and linfatic circulation . Release toxins . Increase seven to ten times more the linfatic circulation . Release musclue tissue and tension of the blocked movement 3. Works on the nerve sistem and the main nerve of the spine . Increase the hormans on the body, for exemple: .Endorfin (brings more happiness to the body) . Aoetocid and Enkepnalins (make the body less painfull)
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