Biochemic Tissue Salts

Biochemic tissue salts were developed as homeopathic remedies by Samuel Hahnemann, and further investigated by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the late nineteenth century. They are remedies based on the inorganic salts and are intended to increase the body’s ability to absorb and use the mineral salts found in a person’s everyday diet in order to maintain or restore good health. They are known to treat anything from the common cold to feelings of anxiety by correcting imbalances on a cellular level. While biochemic tissue salts are not really a homeopathic remedy, they are recommended by homeopaths to restore the natural balance of salts and toxins in the body.

biochemic tissue salts Biochemic Tissue Salts

Biochemic Tissue Salts Description

Through his study of homeopathy, Dr Whilhelm Heinrich Schuessler identified twelve different mineral salts based that the body requires for a cellular metabolism and tissue health. When the body is deficient in one of these, it is believed to cause an imbalance that results in sickness that is either physical, ie colds or hay-fever, or psychological, ie depression. Although these salts are found naturally in food, it has been suggested that pollution and pesticides decrease the body’s ability to absorb them. Biochemic tissue salts are intended to restore the correct proportion of these twelve salts within the body and regulate cellular functions through the metabolic changes in the cells that are governed by their specific and individual concentration. This treatment has been recommended to women during menstruation or pregnancy, when the body is in particular need of important minerals. It also recommended for children and infants to ensure correct development of everything from their bones to their blood cells.

Modern Tablet Form

Biochemic tissue salts are available in tablet form similar to that of most homeopathic remedies. They are made up of the salt ground with lactose powder in a ratio of 1:9, and then further diluted six times at a 1:9 ratio so the final product is a 1,000,000 to 1 dilution. These tablets then dissolve on the tongue. They are both individually available as one kind of salt, or come in combinations to address particular illnesses or ailments. There are no known side-effects, and taking them in excess will not result in over-dose as biochemic tissue salts occur naturally in the body. Waste will be excreted.

The Twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts

Dr Schuessler identified twelve biochemic tissue salts that he believed to be crucial to the maintenance of good health. Each has a specific ailment that it addresses, and also symptoms that correspond to it. He believed the cells salts did not need to be replaced, but merely activated so to naturally correct the proportions of each salt in the body.

Calcium Fluoride (calc flour): needed for bone strength and elasticity of skin fibres.
Calcium Phosphate (calc phos): restores cellular health, and essential for growth
Calcium Sulphate (calc sulph): help aid the removal of waste from the blood
Ferrum Phosphate (ferrum phos): carries oxygen throughout the body, and supports the immune system
Kali Muriaticum/ Potassium Chloride (kali mur): similar to calcium phosphate in that it purifies the blood
Kali/Potassium Phosphate (kali phos): keeps nerves healthy through oxidation
Kali/Potassium Sulphate (kali sulph): improves the functioning of the kidneys
Magnesium Phosphate (mag phos): found in muscles and nerve fibres, this may aid relaxation and is intended as an anti-spasmodic
Natrium Muriaticum (nat mur): also known as Sodium Chloride, this may aid digestion
Natrium Sulphate (nat sulph): helps the pancreas and liver function properly
Natrum Phosphate (nat phos): regulates acid within the body, and gets rid of excess water
Silicon Dioxide (silicea): a major part of hair, skin, nails, bones and blood

The combination of all twelve salts in one formula is called Bio-plasma.

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