Past Life Readings

It is important in the evolution of the individual soul to recognize the most significant past life or lives that affects the way the soul interacts and responds to different stimuli and situations. For example: someone who may have drowned in a past life may have a fear of water.

Past lives create imprints into our present. If there was trauma in the past life that energy pattern is imprinted into the cellular memory of the present and in many instances can set a pattern of behavior that affects relationships and advancement of the soul.

Without awareness of those lifetimes you cannot understand the extent of what is being healed through your present experiences. It becomes impossible to bring that segment of healing to an end.

The awareness or acknowledgement of the past life acts as a catalyst to trigger movement of the cellular energy therefore initiating healing. Your intention to heal the emotional pattern is the force that promotes the release of the energy. Love and forgiveness are the final stages of healing the past and present.

There are several ways your past life is accessed. In most cases the energy is stored in the form of emotional energy that surrounds that particular event or trauma. The energy is then translated with the help of spiritual guides to bring this information to your awareness.

If the emotional energy is blocked for some reason, the information is then accessed through the Akashic records. The Akashic records are similar to a library where all the thoughts and deeds that occur on Earth are recorded in the magnetic field of the Earth's etheric atmosphere or body.

Karmic debt is most often revealed in a past life reading. This simply means unfinished business. Emotional issues that were left unresolved and wrong doings were left without restitution. Many times individuals come together for this reason. The soul is cleansing and healing itself of these issues. This must be done in order for the individual soul to evolve.

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