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Tantra Sex and Intimate Remedies Workshops and Private Sessions Revitalize and Rejuvenate What is Tantra Sacred Sex & Intimate Remedies? "Tantra" is becoming a very well known word in the American household. Many people have heard of Tantra, but are not really sure what the meaning is. It is fair to say that each Tantra instructor teaches with a different form. This website will explain how Dr. Rylie approaches her teachings in Tantra The Art of Sacred Sex. Tantra Sacred Sex and Intimate Remedies is a very emotional and mental learning process. Tantra will teach you to get in touch with your inner self and help you to better understand your Intimate and Sexual needs. Once you are aware of your personal needs and desires you will then learn through Tantra to communicate and express those needs and desires to your partner. Tantra Sacred Sex gives individuals insight to becoming in control of your Sexual Path. Tantra is said to be the "Path of Enlightenment". Tantra is the gateway to divine happiness. You alone are in charge of your personal growth and through Tantra you can benefit tremendously. How do you know if Tantra is for you? Ask yourself these personal questions, answer honestly and without shame........ * Would you like to learn to connect your body & mind as one? * Do you suffer from Pre-Mature Ejaculation, Loss of Interest, or Trouble Focusing during Intimate encounters? * Would you like to learn to separate Orgasm from Ejaculation? This applies to both Women & Men? * Would you like to learn to have Multiple Orgasms? This applies to both Women & Men. * Are you unsure of what to do about a sexual problem or challenge? * Are you worried about where your relationship is going? * Do you have concerns about medicinal medicines you are taking that are causing lack of interest in sexual activities. Do you feel withdrawn from your partner? * Do you have issues with communication and or communicating your feelings to a partner? Rylie will help give you guidance on how to introduce Tantra to your partner. * Do you have Erectile Dysfunction and this is putting a damper on your Intimate Relationship? Have you thought about going on medicinal medicine because of of this? * Is it time to bring some new exciting adventures into your sex life but you are just not sure how to go about introducing this to your partner? * Are you troubled or concern with your Sexual Orientation? * Are you with a partner for convenience and stability, but have no Intimate Relations? * Do you have secrets and fantasies that you can not tell your partner or spouse with out feeling embarrassed or ashamed? Rylie can help you work through this in your mind and process the feelings you are having. * Would you like to learn the 3 Main Sensual Massages that Tantra offers? The Yoni ( For Ladies ) The Lingam & The Sacred Spot Prostate ( For Men ). These are just a few very serious issues that can be improved through Tantra Intimate Remedies Coaching. Dr. Rylie will teach you to relax and gain control of your mind and body through The Art of Conscious Touch. During your Private Session you will be guided through many different experiences with your body.What you learn in your sessions you will be able to use in your Intimate lives on a regular basis. It is important to remember that everyone who is actively having Sexual Relations can use guidance for more stimulation and more knowledge on how to cherish the Intimacy. Whether you choose a Private Session or a Workshop with a group setting you can be assured Tantra will change your life in many positive ways. Who does R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies benefit? The answer to this question is very simple... YOU!!! Couples, Singles, Young, Older, Newlyweds, Couples who have been married for 50 years, Anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner self and learn more about how their mind and body works. It is never to late to learn new things!!!
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