Tibetan Tantric Pulsing

The womb is the center of true feminine power, the embodiment of the cosmic womb of a Divine Mother in a woman, a place where all creation comes from. The sexual energy flowing from the womb upwards nourishes the heart, through which woman is manifested as an embodiment of love. Similarly, the hara (two inches under the belly button) is a place where masculine consciousness is being anchored in the body to express itself powerfully in the world... Tibetan womb/hara (for men) pulsing is a powerful method of bringing consciousness down into the body to activate our innate centers of an authentic feminine/masculine power. These are also the very places in a body where much emotional material/ patterning is being held, through which (often at an unconscious level) an undesirable reality is being created through self limiting/self-defeating patterns. The session involves actual pulsing of the lower abdomen area by a practitioner sitting atop a client, sensitively moving in an appropriate rhythm. The pulsing completed by a deep hara (abdominal) massage to assist of a breakdown of emotional crystals. This can be intense at times. Originally practiced only in context of an advanced tantra session, however it is available to everyone with a sincere, conscious intent to transform. The experiences can be profound (though) sometimes physically painful)and felt immediately in one's live changes.
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