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Body Talk Systems is a new form of holistic care that looks towards the body to determine which parts of its healing system needs treatment, and what treatment is most appropriate.

The importance of this health care system is that it works to enhance the whole body-mind complex. Therefore, it is effective in healing all the physical and mental aspects of the body, as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects.

The procedure is safe and effective. A Body Talk Systems practitioner follows a protocol in order to alert the mind of areas of miscommunication and imbalance in the body that need healing. Then, through a series of tapping, the body is encouraged to restore the lines of communication that have been damaged, and consequently heals itself naturally.

Body Talk Systems Description

When the body is in a healthy state each of its systems, cells and atoms, are in constant communication. Yet the stresses of everyday life can easily put pressure on these lines of communication, and may also overload energy circuits.

The first task of the Body Talk Systems practitioner is to identify these damaged energy circuits within the body, through a method of neuromuscular biofeedback. The practitioner uses this biofeedback, also known as muscle checking, to stimulate the body and reveal which aspects require healing. When the weak points have been determined, the client or practitioner touches them with his or her hands. The following process involves the practitioner gently tapping the client’s head in order to alert the brain centre, and simultaneously to stimulate the brain to re-assess the state of the body’s health. This greatly improves the general energy balance of the body.

The last process is aimed at helping the body to remember the changes after the treatment. Since the heart communicates the state of the body’s health to the rest of the body, in this procedure the practitioner lightly taps the client’s sternum in order to alert the rest of the body of the repaired energy flows. In addition to this the heart is also stimulated to contain these changes in the body’s cellular memory. The healing process usually follows shortly.

Body Talk Systems Benefits

The benefits of Body Talk Systems are many. Since the treatment works by accessing the damaged energy circuits in every part of the body and mind, the result is a ‘balanced’ body whose healing power is more potent than before. The immune system is improved, and therefore starts to eliminate viruses, bacteria, parasites and toxins naturally. Furthermore, the reestablishment of the body/mind balance helps to reduce allergies, and emotional and psychological disorders. Coordination, posture, digestion and brain functions are also improved.

As well as addressing diseases, Body Talk Systems can also be used to maintain a healthy body, and to complement other treatment modalities. Moreover, since there are no diagnoses or medications involved, Body Talk Systems produces no side effects. Many clients report that after treatment their pain reduces greatly or leaves completely, their symptoms disappear, they are able to sleep better, and their relationships and emotions have become easier to deal with.

International BodyTalk Association

Body Talk Systems was first developed by Dr. John Veltheim in the mid nineties, with the aim of addressing disorders such as dyslexia, chronic viruses and infections, poor immune system functioning, and general energy system imbalances. Dr. Veltheim who specialized in health care modalities such as kinesiology, traditional acupuncture, and bio-energetics founded this new form of holistic care on the wisdom of advanced yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology, and western medical expertise.

In 2001, shortly after Body Talk Systems’s development, Dr. Veltheim founded the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), a worldwide organization, which oversees practitioner standards and certification, training and courses, and which provides the tools and vision for the continual progression of the science of BodyTalk. The Body Talk Systems protocol has been taught to many people all over the world, and it is believed that such a sound mode of treatment will soon be incorporated into the mainstream health care system.

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