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sports injury Body Flow Machine

Body Flow machines are used for relieving pressure on muscles by draining the excess fluid from around the cells through mild electro-stimulus. This is a treatment recommended for sports recovery, and fluid retention diseases such as Lymphoedema. It is believed to promote a stronger circulatory system and thus a healthier body.

Body Flow Machine Description

Body Flow is a sports recovery technique developed by the French Osteopath, Laurent Pujol, in the 1990s. It is based on his interest in the role of the lymphatic system in relieving pressure on the body after intense exercise, which led to the use of an electro-stimulation technique. It was fine-tuned over time to specifically stimulate smooth muscle (a type found in veins, arteries and lymphatics) in order to improve the circulatory system. The scope of the Body Flow treatment has broadened in recent times, however, and it has become a popular method for controlling Lymphoedema (fluid retention within the lymphatic system).

The Science of The Body Flow Machine

Body Flow therapies rely on the circulatory system, as well as other fluid flow throughout the body such as lymph, in order to maintain strong and healthy muscles. Smooth muscle, also known as Tunica Media, differs in its function and structure from other muscles that are tied to the skeleton or cardio system. It is this specific kind of muscle that the electro-stimulation frequency of Body Flow machine is intended to stimulate. Treatment involves attaching electrodes to the relevant part of the patient’s body, which then emit a mild electrical current through the skin. This is believed to promote drainage of fluid in areas with excess toxins, and thus promote physical recovery.

Who Can Benefit From The Body Flow Machine

Blood flow is essential for providing the body with enough oxygen in order to keep the cells healthy. The build up of toxins, which Body Flow is believed to help prevent, contributes to the general decline of the circulatory system, so Body Flow has a wide application within recovery treatments. It has been credited with helping diabetics avoid Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), which leaves the patients with sores and ulcers. Perhaps its main function is in the treatment of Lymphoedema. This ailment manifests itself in large swellings of the body tissue, usually in limbs, and is a chronic condition with no known cure. It has been demonstrated in clinical trials, however, that Body Flow can help manage Lymphoedema by flushing away the excess fluid with a mild electro-stimulant.

The Body Flow treatment is also well-known for its ability to aid the recovery of sport related injuries. It is believed to decrease susceptibility to Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS), which professional sportsmen deal with on a day to day basis, as well as to assist the healing process for larger muscular injuries.

This is a non-invasive treatment, as the electrodes are placed on the skin. It is also a treatment that can be administered by hand-held devices that the patient can take home, not just in a clinical environment.

Body Flow Machine Treatment

Body Flow treatment can be administered either in the patient’s own house, or in a clinic by a trained physician, as the devices can be either an industrial or a hand-held unit. Qualified practitioners may lend these hand-held devices out to clients, so they are able to receive treatment when it is best suited to them. The clinical device is designed for large-scale use by medical practitioners. It has a low ongoing running cost, so is often also picked up by sporting organisations. This unit has the larger range of electro-stimulant intensity, it can reach up to 75 mA, as is necessary for severe cases of swelling. The portable device is useful when the patient requires ongoing and regular treatment. Daily treatments are believed to lead to a faster recovery. The portable device has a rechargeable battery and reaches an intensity limit of up to 40 mA.

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