Biosenetics is a tool intended to help with self-development, and is based around the patient’s willingness to embrace Biosenetic practices. It functions as an alternative to medications, such as Prozac, for the treatment of depression, and is aimed at providing self-empowerment for practitioners.


Biosenetics Background

Biosenetics was developed by the Australian, Shamarie Flavel. Flavel is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Homoeopath and Hypnotherapist, as well as an Aura-Soma practitioner. She first taught Biosenetics to a small group of women in 2001 as a synthesis and distillation of all her previous studies in natural medicine, and aimed to produce a practical and simple therapy for self-development. Philosophically, Biosenetics is based on the belief that everything in the universe is made up of energy (at its most basic level). On top of that, it also claims that everything in the universe has an intelligent and coherent Vital Force, the imbalance of which leads to disease and dysfunction. The concept of a Vital Force has appeared through many branches of natural therapy, and is known in other cultures as Qi, Spirit, Ruach, Vitality and Prana.

Biosenetics was spawned from Kinesiology, which in turn was born out of the Touch for Health therapy developed by George Goodheart. It has an aim of inspiring the practitioner’s life positively, both physically and emotionally. It promotes emotional stability, intellectual development, connection between the self and the environment, and a sense of purpose.

Biosenetics Description

Biosenetics is a system designed for the total wellness of body and mind. It is philosophically based, rather than medically, and rests on the beliefs that every cell in the body should communicate with every other cell, thus creating a biological network. Alongside this, each patient is believed to have an innate intelligence that is a combination of this biological network and an energetic information network through a collection of energy vibrations at a very basic level. The body acts as a storage place for emotions, things that create stress, thoughts, and life experiences. Thus, it is believed to hold the information about what is happening to the patient, and also what must change in order for complete good health to be restored. Biosenetics asks the patient to actively participate in their own rejuvenation through the application of a number of different therapeutic systems. It is a non-invasive treatment that is believed to be effective at any age in treating anxiety, pain, high blood pressure, depression and blood sugar irregularities.

body balance BioseneticsBiosenetics Treatment

Biosenetics treatment uses a combination of different natural therapies in order to balance the well-being of the entire body as one coherent system. It employs techniques such as nutritional supplements, body-wraps to help detoxify the body, herbal and flower extract therapies, and electro-stimulation therapies. These are employed in a way that is unique to every client, thus it is aimed at maximising effectiveness by addressing each patient as an individual. Flavel believes this one-on-one approach is the key to balancing the body, and re-educating the patient in self-development.

Biosenetics Summary

Biosenetic therapies are aimed at harmonising the relationship between all things in the biological system of the body and the mental faculty of the mind so to sustain consistent energy flow through a patient. Although founder, Flavel, claims it is a holistic and effective system of human self-development, she acknowledges that it cannot take the place of nutrition, adequate sleep, or any of these basic human needs. It is recommended as a tool for maintaining good health (physical and mental), rather than a treatment for disease, and can be used in conjunction with medical intervention if need be.

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