Biomesotherapy (saline injections)

Biomesotherapy is therapy that involves the injection of a sterile saline solution under a person’s skin, stimulating organ systems through what is known as cutivisceral response. Oral homeopathic medicines focusing on the organ or tissue requiring treatment may also be given at the same time. The needles used for this therapy are very fine like acupuncture needles, and most people are surprised at the ease and quickness with which injections are given.

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Biomesotherapy Saline Injections Theory

biomesotherapy Biomesotherapy (saline injections)Biomesotherapy relies on the use of carefully calculated diluted substances called homeopathic potencies. Specific combinations of these medicines are used to heal particular conditions. The medicines contain small concentrations of substances, usually found in plants and minerals. Many of these plant and mineral products have been tested in standard double blind and drug monitoring studies. Biomesotherapy saline injections are unlike commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs which suppress the pain. Biomesotherapy saline injections actually encourage the process of inflammation, thus assisting the body’s natural healing process. It is thought that Biosotherapy Saline Injections promote the growth of new ligament and tendon tissue.

Biomesotherapy encourages the process of inflammation thus instituting the body’s healing mechanism.

Biomesotherapy Saline Injections Description

Biomesotherapy activates the body’s own capacity to heal itself. Often when an injury heals, it is incomplete and the blood supply to ligaments and tendons is poor. The deficient healing leaves the body with weakened connective tissue, which, in turn, leads to frequent repeated and recurring injuries and, in some cases, chronic pain. Biomesotherapy saline injections are made into the body to improve circulation at the point of the injury and increase the strength of the body’s natural regenerative processes.

Carefully chosen homeopathic formulations are combined with the saline injections so to hasten the process and assist with recovery. This is done through an inhaler, for the purpose of enhancing the effect of the saline injections. The specific medicine selected will depend on which organ or tissue is to be treated.

The needles used for Biomesotherapy saline injections are not like syringes, they are finer and look more like acupuncture needles. A special instrument such as an “inject-ease” device is typically used to make the injection. Less than a millilitre of sterile saline is injected beneath the skin, it is an exact replication of the body’s natural fluid makeup.

Who Can Biomesotherapy Saline Injections Help?

Biomesotherapy is especially effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. It has been successfully used as a treatment in Europe for over 10 years. People seek Biomesotherapy Saline Injections to achieve the following results: Increased circulation, Fine nerve endings stimulation, Muscle relaxation, Influence acupuncture points and meridians, Pain Alleviation.

The following conditions may be treated using Biomesotherapy Saline Injections: tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, chronic back problems, arthritis, headaches or migraines, acute musculoskeletal, wound healing, acute or chronic inflammation, cartilage erosion, tendon or ligament bruising, skeletal pain, softening and repairing scar tissue, inflammation of the sinus, irritable bowel syndrome, improving circulation, relaxing muscles.

Biomesotherapy Saline Injections Therapy

Pain relief can be experienced within minutes of a first treatment, but can take as long as half an hour. Sessions last approximately half an hour. Treatment is fashioned depending on the severity of the condition, this is usually once or twice weekly for the first two weeks, and less often, once weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as the healing process is facilitated and the condition is ameliorated. Some conditions may need further maintenance treatments to support continued wellness.

Every year in Europe there are over 70 million consultations of Biomesotherapy, which makes it one of the most popular forms of natural medicine.

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