BioResonance Therapy

bioresonance BioResonance Therapy BioResonance Therapy is a technology based therapy supported by the idea that human beings are essentially systems of energy. Bio Resonance Therapy detects and treats the body’s energy system by correcting energy disturbances through use of a machine.

Under BioResonance Therapy, a BioResonance device is used to regulate a person’s electromagnetic oscillations; natural oscillations are strengthened while pathological oscillations are cancelled. The result is a restoration of a person’s health. Operation of the BioResonance Device is done by a trained practitioner.

BioResonance Therapy has been used successfully in Germany for 25 years, where it was developed. It has been extensively tested and approved and is used in 55 countries world wide including Europe and Canada.

BioResonance Therapy Description

To understand how the device works, imagine striking a tuning fork in a room containing a piano – the fork would cause the corresponding note on the piano to resonate and make noise. The machine works in the same way, most practitioners can tune it to the exact frequencies that resonate within a healthy body. If the body does not immediately respond and resonate to a particular frequency the therapist will leave the frequency running until resonance starts. Resonance is indicative of a frequency working well with the body’s energy. The aim is for the body to be brought to a state in which all the frequencies are resonating well.

The belief that supports BioResonant Therapy is that the electrical poles of cells, tissues, organs and other systems in the body, are significant, and that they contribute to the overall health of the body.

A BioResonance Therapy device is like an external electromagnet that modulates the electromagnetic signals within a person, allowing the the adjustment of electromagnetic balance, and the correction of internal functions.

BioResonance Therapy Treatment

A typical BioResonance Therapy session begins with 10 minutes of initialization and is followed by a 5 minute full body scan. For the next 45 minutes the practitioner will deliver a series of BioResonance patterns through to the client, monitoring the results. Before the patient leaves the therapy, a post-therapy analysis of their bio-field is taken, which is compared with the body scan taken at the beginning of the session.

Some BioResonance Therapy devices can create a remedy based on the client’s required needs. The frequencies that have been determined as beneficial to the client are transmitted to a homeopathic carrier substance. The client can then ingest this substance at regular intervals over subsequent weeks.

Bio Resonance Therapy is considered to be an extremely safe treatment. This is because the treatment is non-invasive. No artificial energy is introduced into the body. The BioResonance Device acts on the body’s existing energy system, drawing out suppressed functions by helping them to resonate with the machine.

Bio Resonance Therapy Benefits

BioResonance Therapy is claimed to restore healthy energetic patterns to the internal organs of the body, as well as to remove all negative patterns from the body’s energetic field. The aim is for the restoration of healthy energy flow within the body’s energy systems, resulting in improved vitality and optimal wellness.

It is thought that BioResonance Therapy is highly suitable for treating patients with drug addiction, including nicotine addiction. The therapy is viewed as a painless, affordable method of breaking the cigarette habit, without side-effects. The therapy is thought to eliminate the root cause the addiction stopping the cravings, and thus breaking ‘the habit’ of smoking. It also accelerates the body’s natural detox processes, allowing for nicotine to be purged from the body.

The is a long list of diseases that have been treated by Bio Resonance Therapy. This list includes: allergies, weakness of the immune system, toxification, slow healing wounds or ulcers, gynaecological or urinogenital disorders, cardio-vascular and digestive diseases, sleeping disorders including insomnia, and more others.

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