Bush Flowers

Throughout history flowers have been valued for their healing properties. For many years, Australian Aborigines have used flowers to heal physical injuries as well as emotional imbalances; flower essences were also commonly used in India, Asia, Europe, and Ancient Egypt.

Seventy years ago, Dr. Edward Bach, who specialized in English flowering plants, began to re-popularize this method of healing. Australian herbalist and Naturopath, Ian White, further developed this system, and devoted many years to traveling Australia, where his studies led him to develop 65 specific Bush Flowers Essences. These particular essences are believed to heighten a person’s intuition, bring forth positive qualities, and finally enable individuals to follow their goals in life more effectively.

 Bush Flowers

Ian White – Bush Flowers Originator

A respected practitioner and teacher of naturopathy and kinesiology, Ian White grew up in the Australian Bush. For five generations, his family, natural health practitioners specialized in herbal medicine, have come to understand the beneficial and crucial effects of Bush Flowers. Ian White began to explore this knowledge for himself from an early age.

Unique Benefits of Australian Bush Flowers

Nowadays, practitioners and prescribers all over the world are incorporating Bush Flowers Essences into their therapy. One of the reasons to why these particular essences are held to be one of the most effective available is that Australia has the oldest and highest number of flowering plants in the world, and because the land is relatively unpolluted.

The effects of bush flowers in therapy are similar to those achieved through meditation. A person is enabled to access their Higher Self, negative beliefs are released, and the subconscious mind gradually begins to adopt positive virtues. Therefore the treatment works by primarily restoring emotional balance. And since it is believed that emotional imbalance contributes to physical ailments, after treatment using Bush Flowers Essences, the body begins to cure itself.

Examples of Bush Flower Essences

Each flower is thought to have its own distinct healing property and energy. For example, the flower Jacaranda is used to treat people who never complete what they have started, who are constantly changing their goals and aims. In place of these negative qualities the essence of the Jacaranda helps such people to become more decisive, focused, and sharp. The flower Kangaroo Paw is used to treat people who are socially inept and tend to be insensitive. The effects of this flower gradually cure these people by making them more aware of the people around them, and less self-centered. The Sydney Rose, pink in colour, helps cure people who feel isolated, morbid, and insecure. The flower replaces these negative qualities, by encouraging the awareness that everyone is part of a greater whole, and that peace can be found within.

Other Bush Flower Products

Other products include the Flower Insight Cards which were first developed after popular demand in 1997. These cards contain beautiful photographs of different flowers, reflecting the vibrancy and essence of each of them. Each card also contains the healing quality of the particular- what ancient healers called the Doctrine of Signatures.

Flower insight Cards are particularly useful for people who are not sure what essence to choose, and they can also be incorporated into a Tarot reading.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Creams are also available as a healing and nourishing treatment. They consist of a combination of botanicals, herbal extracts and aromatic oils, and can be even be used on very sensitive skin. They are also very rich in antioxidants and can be applied all over the body.

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