accusense AccusenseThe Accusense 232 is used to measure electrical conductance in a person’s body. By measuring the electrical conductance in relation to acupuncture meridian lines, a trained practitioner may be able diagnose hidden illnesses within the body. This medical technique has a number of names, including electro-dermal screening (EDS), bio-electric functions diagnosis (BFD), bio-resonance therapy (BRT), meridian stress assessment (MSA) and bio-energy regulatory technique (BER). The Accusense 232 is one of many electro-diagnostic devices that can be used, others include the Accupath 1000, Asyra, Avatar, BICOM, Biotron, Computron, Dermatron, Diagnose, Elision, e-Lybra 8, Interactive Query System (IQS), Interro, Last, LISTEN System, Matrix Physique System, MORA, Omega Cubans, Omega Vision, Orion System, Propylene, Punts III, Vegatest and Vitel 618.

Accusense History

Another common name for the medical diagnostic technique of measuring electrical conduction is Eletroacupuncture According to Voll or EAV. Reinhold Voll was the first person to develop such a technique. In the 1940s, Dr. Voll was investigating the effects of electricity on the human body. Part of Dr. Voll’s experiments involved measuring conductance. Conductance is the measure of how effective a material is at conducting electricity. The conductance of a material like copper will be very high, but the conductance of a material like wood will be very low.

Dr. Voll found the body to have a generally low conductance. Although the human body is primarily water, a good electrical conductor, the skin itself has a high resistance to electricity. Dr. Voll also found that certain areas on the body had a higher conductance than normal, these areas corresponded to the acupuncture points of eastern medicine. The concept behind Dr. Voll’s EAV is for the body’s various acupuncture points to be analysed using a machine; based on the variations in conductance, a trained practitioner may be able to diagnose disease within the body.

Accusense Technique

Devices such as the Accusense 232 are able to measure electrical conductance by emitting a small amount amount of current (about 10µA) from a metal probe, which is placed on the acupuncture point. The current flows to a conductive cylinder that is held in the patient’s hand. The device is calibrated such that a reading of 50% corresponds to 10 microSiemans of conductance. A reading of 100% corresponds to infinite conductance, ie. a short circuit.

It is important to note that EAV devices such as the Accusense 232 do not directly measure the body’s energy flows as they are described in eastern medicine. The flow of qi is not measured, but it is thought that variations in conductance are an indirect result of variations in qi flow. By determining the strength of the qi flow in different parts of the body, illnesses may be diagnosed. For example, if the Liver Meridian is tested with an EAV instrument and found to have an abnormal conductance, this may indicate low qi flow in the Liver Meridian and, consequently, the practitioner may diagnose an illness in the patient’s liver.

Benefits of Accusense

The key to EAV devices such as the Accusense 232 is the Universal Baseline, which was discovered by Reinhold Voll. No matter a patient’s age, sex, or racial background, an EAV practitioner can tell if a meridian is functioning healthily if the EAV device has a reading of 50%. Readings significantly above 50% will show the practitioner that there is an inflammation on the acupuncture point and an irritation in the meridian system. A reading of significantly below 50% shows a practitioner that the meridian has an abnormally low energy level as is possibly degenerative.

An EAV device such as the Accusense 232 must be used by a professional in order for the results to be accurate. It requires not only technical skill to operate the device, but also heightened intuition in order to know exactly where to locate the acupuncture points. A good practitioner will be skilled in a number of disciplines, so that not only will they be able to diagnose an illness via EAV, but also provide homoeopathic treatment so that the illness can be cured.

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