Aka Lani

The Aka Lani healing system is a New Age therapy developed by Australian, Leeorah Hursky. Leeorah began to develop the system during a visit to Hawaii, where she studied with shamanic kahunas. In the Hawaiian language, Aka Lani means Heavenly Symbols. There are 28 symbols used in Aka Lani, each representing a different energy vibration level. The goal of Aka Lani is to balance vibration throughout the body, down to a cellular level. In the process of bringing the body into balance, old negative thought patterns will be released and the patient will experience a newfound freedom and joy. Aka Lani can be administered through body work, but also through magic sprays and through use of angel cards.

aka lani Aka Lani

Leeorah Hursky Biography

In the year 1988, Leeorah Hursky first began her instruction under the kahuna shamans of Hawaii. Following several years of intense training, it was in 1994 that Leeorah began to develop the Aka Lani system. Leeorah used not only what she learnt from the kahunas, but also incorporated traditional western medicine into Aka Lani.

Aka Lani Massage

Aka Lani massage involves dynamic motion, it is said that a practitioner will enter into a dance of life, operating on a primitive level in order to raise the energy levels of the patient. Great importance is placed on investing deeply into the process, so that long established blockages can be faced and removed. The dance aspect of Aka Lani very much separates it from other forms of New Age massage, it attempts to access and release emotion that, though it may be forgotten by the mind, is stored within the body. Aka Lani massage is based on the massage therapy administered in the ancient temples of Hawaii.

Aka Lani Dance

To illustrate better the dance aspect of Aka Lani, it is perhaps best to compare it to live theatre. The person being massaged becomes a participant in the theatre, made to play a role the embodies expansion and joy. The Aka Lani process presents an opportunity for moving beyond limitation; participatory life theatre allows the patient to release old, negative energy patterns.

It is an experience that requires no acting ability, it draws on a person’s life skills, challenging them to live in the moment. It is theatre without a script, without predetermined patterns; the participants are given the opportunity to take ownership of their life, their existence, to be who they want to be.

Aka Lani Training

Leeorah runs workshops for people wishing to learn more about what Aka Lani has to offer them. These workshops are usually run in Byron Bay, where Leeorah is based, however she does travel frequently. The workshops are held over two and a half days. Over the two and a half days, participants will be given the opportunity to face their personal blockages and be released of them. Those wishing to become Aka Lani facilitators will require further training, as arranged by Leeorah.

Spray Treatment

As mentioned before, Aka Lani can be administered in the form of a spray. Each spray is potentised using a combination of the 28 sacred symbols of Aka Lani in conjunction with essential oils. The seven uplifting sprays are as follows: Bliss, Creativity, Freedom, Love, Joy, Harmony and Passion.

In addition to the uplifting sprays, there are four love sprays available. These are used to bring the masculine and feminine aspects into balance. These sprays are as follows: Rising Spray, Forever, Divine Spray and Opening Spray.

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