Vibrational Kinesiology is often referred to as the Dawson Program. This is because it was developed by Cameron Dawson, who is a businessman, located in Australia. The practice is close to 30 years old now. Today, it is used by many for healing a host of health issues.

Vibrational Kinesiology Vibrational Kinesiology

How Vibrational Kinesiology Works

Vibrational Kinesiology is just like sound therapy. Sound therapy is used to address mental problems, learning problems, and physical problems, as is Mr. Dawson’s program. This type of therapy can be used to break up kidney stones in the body by applying the sound waves, within a specific frequency range, to the area of the stones.

It can also be used with sounds that are heard with the ear, which is normally the case when addressing mental or emotional problems, or learning disabilities. The therapy can be administered with the use of medical devices, such as ultrasound equipment, or with something as simple as music or recorded sounds. Either way, it is non-invasive.

The Similarities between Sound Therapy and Vibrational Kinesiology

There are many similarities between sound therapy and the practice that was developed by Mr. Dawson. In fact, there is a great deal of debate as to which therapy or program is copying the other. The fact is that no matter what name it is known by, the vibrations that sound make do have the ability to make changes within the body – and the mind.

While there are many similarities between the two, there are also differences. These differences, however, relate more to the concept of how the vibration works than anything else. For example, in sound therapy, it is believed that the vibration addresses something physical, while with Mr. Dawson’s program, it is believed that the vibration is affecting the energy within the body – something non-physical.

Through the Dawson Program, the frequency of the sound matters a great deal, as it is believed that each energy aspect within the body responds to a specific frequency, and not all frequencies will have the proper affect on all energies.

Conditions Treated with Vibrational Kinesiology

There are numerous conditions that can be treated with Vibrational Kinesiology. Although many are mental or emotional in nature, including learning disabilities of all kinds, the practice is also used in the treatment of asthma, fatigue, psoriasis, depression, ADHD, and even skin problems such as eczema. In the Dawson Program, each of these conditions would be treated with different sound frequencies, applied to different energies within the body.

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