Wu Tao

If you need to lose weight, gain energy, increase your happiness, or shake depression, you may be interested in Wu Tao as an alternative treatment. Wu Tao is a form of dance that has multiple benefits, and it is derived from some of the practices used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

wu tao Wu Tao

A Deeper Look at Wu Tao

Wu Tao simply means Dancing Way. It is believed that this type of dance can increase the flow of energy, and harmonize all of that energy through the use of music and dance movements. While many of the benefits of this type of dance are associated with flexibility, strengthening muscles, relieving stress, and weight management, recent studies have also found that this type of healing dance is also beneficial for those who suffer from dementia.

There are essentially five different dances that are done for this healing method, and each dance is done to a particular style of music. It is important to use the right style of music, as the dances and the sounds are used to clear the meridian pathways so that energy can flow easily – and the movements and music are essentially matched to the energy that is being worked with. Two meridian paths are generally worked with and cleared with each dance.

Who Can Participate in Wu Tao

Because of the gentle, flowing movements, and the simplicity of the movements, anyone, in any condition can participate in Wu Tao. Furthermore, even if you have issues with movements, many of the moves can be altered to suit your particular circumstances or situation. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what condition you are in, what age or sex you are – you can do Wu Tao easily.

It may be difficult to find classes in your area, but there are numerous resources online, including videos, to learn this healing dance, and you can also attend weekend workshops to learn even more. In some areas, you can even find free classes.

Other Interesting Facts about Wu Tao

This practice is more than 5000 years old, and it is derived not only from TCM, but also from martial arts. The practice was actually brought to us, and adapted by an American. Aside from being based on TCM and martial arts, the practice also incorporates some dances performed by Native American Indians. The dance itself can be completed in less than ten minutes, and many experts agree that this is all that is needed, on a daily basis, to enjoy the benefits of this powerful healing dance.

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