Voice Dialogue

The theory behind Voice Dialogue is attributed to Drs Hal and Sidra Stone.  Their work known as Psychology of Selves studies how the many selves or sub-personalities within each of us develop and how they interact with each other in different relationships in our lives.

Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue

The definition of consciousness as set forth by Psychology of Selves is that consciousness itself is composed of three dimensions;  awareness, the experience of the selves and the aware ego which is the said to be the area between the primary self we exhibit and our opposite self which we have disowned.   Our primary self emerged as we matured to protect our inner child from pain and to allow us to reach our goals. The technique of voice dialogue is used to implement the theory.

Voice Dialogue Method

This method requires two people, a facilitator and the person being facilitated.  If you do not have two people it is not considered to be Voice Dialogue.   The facilitator helps the person to experience and become aware of their sub-personalities.  If your dialogue is with yourself then it would be referred to as self dialogue.  The benefit of two people is that the facilitator can help the person being facilitated to recognize their sub-personalities and learn to use them to benefit them.

The Selves of Voice Dialogue

We all have life experiences that make us who were are.  We also have life experiences that make us who we are not.  From the moment we are born we are influenced by the people and the world around us ranging from our parents and teachers to influence of religion and culture.  All of these experiences are within us.  Some of them are the ones we choose to identify who we are and how we think and behave.  They are the experiences we used to become successful and reach the goals we set for ourselves. This is the primary self we allow the world to view.

The selves we do not allow to show are our disowned selves.  They are there.  We keep them hidden from ourselves and others to protect the primary self.   These selves have been noted as being our rejected emotional lives.   For instance let’s say our primary self values intelligence and responsibility as being the most important elements to succeed in our life.  These are the values our primary self works to improve and make strong.  As it works to strengthen these our mind pushes down the elements that oppose it such as   being carefree and vulnerable.  We in essence disown our carefree self and our vulnerable self.

With this method of treatment we are reintroduced to our sub-personalities and are able to function as a whole.  We are able to call upon them, depend on them and use them to our advantage and not our detriment.

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