You may have heard of massages, and you may have heard of saunas, but have you heard of Vibrosaun? Vibrosaun is actually a brand name for what is essentially a chamber that looks similar to a tanning bed. When you are in the chamber, you are basically enjoying the benefits of a massage and a sauna at the same time.

Vibrosaun Vibrosaun

How Vibrosaun Works

The sauna portion of the machine provides dry heat, and the massage is Vibrational in nature, much like sitting in a Vibrational recliner, but instead of just having the vibrations on the back, you have them all over your body. The machine also allows you to enjoy soothing music during the process, and you can even add the benefits of aromatherapy as well. The vibration feature is adjustable, so that you can choose the level of vibration that you desire.

The design and features of the chamber simulate exercise, forcing the body to produce the benefits of exercise while you simply lie there in the chamber. This allows people who do not get enough exercise to enjoy the benefits of exercise, while enjoying the peace and relaxation that comes from a good massage and a little time spent in the sauna as well.

The Benefits of Vibrosaun

When you make use of this equipment, you really do receive the benefits of both a massage and a sauna at the same time. The equipment was designed by a diverse group of medical professionals, along with the help of a design engineer. The professionals included a General Practice Physician, an Osteopath, a Physiotherapist, and a Chiropractor.

The design of the chamber allows many benefits to be achieved, including improved muscle tone, pain relief, increased blood circulation, relief of back pain, relief from arthritis pain, some weight loss and weight management, the removal of toxins and wastes, the relief of tension and stress, improved sleep, and a reduction in blood pressure.

Obtaining a Vibrosaun

The Vibrosaun is very expensive, costly around $15,000. While some people can afford to pay this out right, others will finance it just to have access to this valuable piece of health equipment at all times. Those who don’t choose to spend this amount of money, however, can still obtain the benefits of the chamber by visiting a massage therapist who has the equipment. More and more massage therapists, spas, and even gyms are acquiring the equipment to serve their clients, and they typically charge fees on a per use basis or on a timed basis, such as fifteen minute or thirty minute increments.

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