Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation method was first introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the late 1950’s. This is a type of meditation that provides the improvement of an individual person by that persons own efforts through enlightenment.

Official Transcendental Meditation websites state that the technique is a mental technique for deep rest that is related to specific effects on the mind and body.  It is practiced by people of all religions and that TM does not require a change in lifestyle, faith or belief to be successful as a relaxation technique.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

The practice of TM can help treat stress related problems like hypertension with regular practice.  It can help to improve your relationships and your mental capabilities as well.  There is an increase in creativity due to your body and mind being so refreshed and relaxed.  TM is said to help increase intelligence because the mind is returned to its natural state increasing your alertness.

The practice of this type of meditation is unique and returns the mind and body to a profound state of rested alertness.   During its practice there is a deep state of rest for the body while the mind settles to a state of internal calmness.   It is said that practitioners of TM have better interpersonal relationships because they radiate an influence of positivity and peace which improve relationships in society.  Due to the rested state there is an increase in energy.   People who practice TM are said to be biologically young by several years.

Scientific Studies regarding Transcendental Meditation

The effects of TM have been scientifically studied in more than 200 research institutions and universities in over 30 countries.  Major scientific journals have published their findings.  In all, over 500 studies have been conducted on the sociological, psychological and physiological effects of the program.  The results show that with regular practice Transcendental Meditation is very beneficial in that the deep rest received by the body and the mind with its practice eliminates the mental stress and physical fatigue of the body.

Overall Effects of Transcendental Meditation

When the mind and the body are rejuvenated, it will lead to improved health.  Improved health provides the basis for a more dynamic, productive, and satisfying life.  You will experience increased self esteem and self confidence.  You will have less anxiety, improved problem solving abilities and warmer relationships.  All of these benefits can be achieved with regular practice of Transcendental meditation and will bring more satisfaction and happiness into your daily life.

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