The Journey

When we first start working on a goal – regardless of what that goal is – there is always a feeling of excitement that fills us. We are excited most about the expected outcome, however, instead of the journey itself. It can be compared to taking a trip – you are in a hurry to reach your destination, and very excited about what you expect to find or experience once you’ve reached that destination. It is important to not only look forward to the destination, or the goal, but to also fully enjoy and experience the journey between point A and point B as well.

The Journey The Journey

Enjoying the Journey

We must learn to live for today, and not for tomorrow. This doesn’t mean that making future plans and goals isn’t essential – it is. What it means is that we need to enjoy the experiences that we have today, instead of just looking forward to what tomorrow might bring us. This is what is meant by ‘enjoying the ride.’ As you work towards a goal or a destination, take time along the way to enjoy each step of the progress that you make. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the feelings. Enjoy each day.

The End of the Journey

Once you’ve reached your goal or your destination, you will most likely have a period of down time. During this period, you may feel a bit blue, and you may even find that your anticipation of what was to come wasn’t exactly fulfilled. This is highly common, and there is a secret to overcoming this feeling. First, look back at the road you’ve just traveled to arrive at this destination, and think about the joy that you experienced along the way. Next, start thinking about your next destination, and get ready to enjoy another exciting trip.

How to Retain the Excitement of the Journey

The key to retaining the excitement of working towards and reaching your goals is of course to enjoy the benefits of that goal. For example, if your goal was to lose weight, you will enjoy great health benefits. Additionally, if you keep a journal of your progress towards your goal or your destination, reading over your past entries will not only inspire you and keep you motivated and excited, it will also give you the strength and determination that is needed for the journey you have planned next.

Life itself is a journey – whether we have goals or not. The sooner we learn to enjoy each step, each minute of that particular journey, the more we will get out of life as a whole.

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