TMJ Reset

TMJ Reset is a simple and painless healing system that directs healing energy throughout the body using the TMJ joints and jaw muscles by rebalancing the jaw.

TMJ Reset TMJ Reset

The Development of TMJ Reset

The research of Philip Rafferty whose field of study was kinesiology led to the development of TMJ Reset. Reset has a dual meaning.  With this healing system it does in fact ‘reset’ the TMJ, but it is also an acronym for Rafferty’s Energy System for Easing the Temporomandibular Joint.  The system was first utilized as part of the Kinergetics series of workshops and the results were so consistent and so astounding that it was removed from these workshops and simplified to be made available to a larger spectrum of people. The development of TMJ Reset has allowed everyone to access this healing energy quickly and simply.

Causes the Affect the Need for TMJ Reset

Indirectly the bones, ligaments and muscles around the jaw affect almost all other parts of the body.    Major nerves are routed through or networked with the TMJ joints and muscles.   An imbalance in the TMJ function can also affect mental, emotional and autonomic functions in the body.

TMJ and jaw symptoms can be caused by trauma, injury, stress, major dental work or teeth extractions, whiplash, car accidents, head traumas, abuse, emotional repression and even bacteria in the lymph glands of the mouth and neck.

Some possible problems that can be attributed to TMJ imbalance are headaches, earaches, insomnia, emotional mood swings, blurred vision, uterine problems, fatigue, confusion, swallowing difficulties, dizziness, tinnitus, and pain in the shoulders, neck, and even referred pain from the hips, legs and ankles.

How TMJ Reset Works to Benefit You

RESET restores a state of balance quickly and painlessly by directing healing energy to the jaw through the muscles, nerves and ligaments surrounding it.  By sending healing energy to the tendons and muscles associated with the TMJ, you are able to relax not only those muscles and tendons but also the organs and glands that they in turn relate to.  This domino effect thereby is able to rebalance the whole body, including structural, muscular, neurological, glandular systems, the body’s hydration and its organs.

TMJ Reset can benefit you by helping you to achieve improved learning abilities, improvement of elimination of toxins by the kidneys, more balance in your glands and hormones, less tension in the muscles of the body, improved digestion, less problems with sinus and headaches, including migraines and many other benefits.

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