Thalassotherapy is defined as the medical use of seawater.  For centuries the benefits of the sea have been used to treat ailments in its various forms such as applications of sea mud, clay and algae, showers of warm seawater and even inhalation of sea fog.

Thalassotherapy Thalassotherapy

Benefits of Thalassotherapy

Just bathing in a bath rich in sea minerals can help to open the pores, release toxins and cause absorption of these minerals into your body through your skin and stimulate your circulation.  The benefit of absorbing these minerals through the skin is that they are directly entered into the bloodstream as opposed to the fact that if taken in orally they would have to first be digested and then absorbed. The benefits of the sea have been effective in treating medical conditions such as asthma and arthritis, it is used to promote weight loss, detoxify the body and treat cellulite.

There are many forms of thalassotherapy and each one is known to treat different areas.  Many benefits such as relaxation, skin cleansing and detoxification, muscle toning, enhancement of the immune system, improvements of sleep patterns, improved circulation, decrease of symptoms in psoriasis and eczema and other physical and psychological benefits have been noted.

What to Expect with a Thalassotherapy Session

These therapies can be provided in many various forms.  When receiving any treatment which involves elements of the sea such as seaweed wraps, sea fog inhalations, warm sea showers, algae or mud wraps and many other forms you are participating in thalassotherapy.   Dependent on the type of treatment you will receive will determine whether or not you are clothed, naked or wear some type of disposable clothing.

Rationale of Thalassotherapy

Seawater is proven to be rich in minerals.  It is thought to be the origin of all biological life.  Magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and many other minerals and vitamins are all found in sea water and also known to be found in the human body.  These minerals, various metals, algae and salt are considered to be essential for life.

When absorbed through the pores of your skin they refresh and heal the body. Our skin, the body’s largest organ is the first line of defense in protecting and healing our bodies. This type of therapy is totally focused on the skin and the ways in which it can aid the body in conjunction with the use of seawater rich with minerals. These types of therapies are not always appropriate for all people; those with chronic medical conditions should always consult with their physician before undertaking new treatment options.

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