Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is the basic concept that helps describe the human experience with time. It is a collection of techniques.  One of the principles states that people store their life experiences on a line in space, or time.  By traveling on this timeline into the past and future you change your life energy.

Time Line Therapy Time Line Therapy

History of Time Line Therapy

First developed in 1985 by Tad James it is an ancillary form of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis.  This form of therapy is a concept in which the therapist uses the knowledge of the storage of memories.  The therapist uses this knowledge to identify the effect that these stored memories has on the personality of the individual person.

Benefits of Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy has the ability to help you make sense of your temporal experiences.  It enables you to change your perception of those negative experiences you have previously experienced.  With this knowledge and the identification of temporal experiences you are able to establish a more significant and consequential future through understanding them.

Each individual person has their own time line in which your unconscious mind has stored in your past memories.  With Time Line Therapy you learn to discern between a past memory and a dream of the future.  Since this is an unconscious process you are not aware of it happening.   This continues throughout your lifetime.

With the benefit of this therapeutic technique it is possible for you to resolve all significant events that have occurred within your life.  By doing this you are able to release any negative emotions or thoughts that are associated with these memories.

What Time Line Therapy Can Do for You

This is the major reason most people seek TLT is to facilitate the release of negative thoughts.   Keeping negative thoughts can foster a time when they become feelings of anger which can no longer be contained.  You can identify and change attitudes that have developed as a result of an incorrect decision made at some past point in your life.  You may think that you are not smart enough to ever be successful in what you endeavor to achieve due to a decision you made where another decision would have put you on a more successful path today.

With the help of this therapy you will reevaluate your past to help change decisions which have limited your present behavior which are based on those poor decisions.   These techniques can help you to picture and recognize the way you want your future to be and then create the experience that will make this happen.

Those who participate in this therapy realize that the thoughts and memories that are stored within each person mold and shape their personality. They know that by being in touch with those thoughts, past, present and future can help them to build a more positive and productive future.

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