Shamanic Healing

Many people believe that Shamans are a thing of the past, and this simply isn’t true. Today, Shamans still exist, new Shamans are continually learning the practice and skills that are required, and Shamanic Healing is as popular as ever, in almost all cultures. This type of healing addresses illnesses and conditions which are physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

Learning Shamanic Healing

Shamanism, which was once thought to be something that a person was born into, can be learned. The practice uses the spiritual world for guidance, and while there are numerous different disciplines and practices within Shamanism, the underlying beliefs are all the same. A Shaman is essentially the middle man between the dead, or the spirit world, and the living. This is done through divination, and Shamans also practice soul retrieval, for past life information as well.

While shamanism can be inherited, others can be trained in shamanic ways. In some cultures, not just anyone can decide to become a shaman. Instead, they are led into shamanism, and accepted as true shamans, based on dreams or other signs. In many cultures, the future shaman will be afflicted with an illness, and led to shamanism through that illness and the recovery of the illness. Regardless of whether one is born into the practice or learns the practice, training is administered by other shamans, and that training can take years.

Divination and Shamanic Healing

Divination is used a great deal in this type of healing, and the purpose of divination is to read your body energy. Through this energy, the Shaman is able to see information about your future and your present, and even your past. Through this practice, the Shaman can also give you information that will have an impact on your health, and will also cover emotional and mental health, your finances, your relationships, your career, and many more aspects of your life.

Divination is performed through a variety of methods, including omens, spirit guides, scrying, throwing runes or bones, and even leaving the body to travel into the supernatural world. There are a wide variety of other divination methods as well.

Roles of the Shaman beyond Shamanic Healing

Aside from offering healing services, and services that heal the soul, Shamans are also known as mediators, spiritual counselors, leading rituals, and passing heritage and ancestral information on to younger generations through stories and songs. Overall, shamans have different roles in different cultures, and even depending on the type of shaman that they are.

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