Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing can mean many different things, but in its most basic form, it simply means healing that occurs due to or because of prayer, rituals, spiritual meditation, or other spiritual means. This may also include making a pilgrimage to a certain place or shrine, or making offerings to those shrines. While spiritual healing has been around for as long as mankind has existed, it is regaining its popularity in the world, and never lost popularity in some cultures.

spiritual healing Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing and Religion

Many people associate this type of healing with religion. This means that they believe that spiritual healing can occur due to a strong belief or faith in God or some other deity. Others don’t believe that this healing is associated with religion at all, and instead is accomplished with the power of our own minds – regardless of believing in a higher being. In fact, some in that group don’t believe in a higher being at all, but believe that we have different levels of ‘self,’ including a ‘higher self.’

Many religious writings tend to cement the idea that this healing and religion go hand-in-hand, however, such as the bible, where there are many reports of people being healed from their afflictions through prayer and through the power of God. While the healing is closely associated with Christianity, it seems that almost every religion that is known to man has its own version, and its own history of healing through beliefs, prayers, or even sacrifices.

Spiritual Healing and Faith Healers

The biggest concern for critics of this healing is Faith Healers, or those who heal by “Laying on Hands.” Those who believe in this type of healing truly believe that some people have the power to heal others of their health concerns or mental concerns simply by touching them, or touching them and praying for them. There are those who do not believe in faith healers at all, instead believing that any healing that takes place under these circumstances comes from the power of the ill individuals mind, in that they have such a strong faith and belief that the healer has this power.

The Arguments against Spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing has lots of critics in the world, including various medical organizations around the world. It is reported that there is no scientific evidence that this type of healing works. However, when someone is mysteriously cured of their disease or affliction, it is called a miracle, and no scientific evidence can be found, because there is no reasonable explanation for the cure, even though it obviously happened. Just the fact that it happened, doesn’t constitute medical or scientific proof that this type of healing works, ironically.

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