Sea Clay Body Wrap

Body wraps, such as a Sea Clay Body Wrap, are used to detoxify the body through the skin.  The skin is the largest organ of the body. Through osmosis it is able to absorb healing qualities of the sea clay through the pores while releasing your harmful toxins.  This is not a new technique, as early as the 1500’s sea clay and other sea derivatives were used as medical therapies to treat Rheumatoid arthritis and for general health rehabilitation.

Sea Clay Body Wrap Sea Clay Body Wrap

Varieties of Sea Clay Body Wrap

Bentonite is the clay used for its detoxification quality.  It is known for pulling the toxins from the body through the pores. Other clays include Sea Clay and Dead Sea Clay which are high in potassium and are the most common choices for wraps used for weight loss. Another popular variety is Red Clay which is known for toning the skin and is high in mineral content and good for the body.

Benefits of a Sea Clay Body Wrap

The Sea Clay Body Wrap works by opening the skins pores and drawing out the toxins and impurities from the skin and the soft tissue layers below the skin.  Due to decreased physical activity and poor diet the body accumulates excess fluid and toxins between the cells and layers of the skin.

Toxified fatty deposits otherwise known as cellulite are waste byproducts.  The body stores these toxins between its fat cells. This bloats the fat cells and stops toxins from making their way to the lymphatic system which is the way the body naturally disposes of its waste.

A Sea Clay Body Wrap aids in decreasing the excess fluid by pulling the harmful toxins out and replenishing the much needed nutrients of the skin. The salt and clay combination work together to draw out toxins.  It has also been effective in treating pain and inflammation in joints.  Due to the mineral rich content of the clay the body receives minerals essential to good health during the process.

The process of a Sea Clay Body Wrap

The clay is applied to your entire body with a brush. Usually, first to your back while you are laying face down.  Then you will turn over and the front of your body will be painted with the mixture as well.  You will then be wrapped in a cellophane type foil and covered with thermal bandages, towels or blankets.

When receiving a treatment you can expect to perspire.  This is the warmth of the clay and thermal blankets opening your pores and exchanging the toxins for the nutrients.  After the Sea Clay Body Wrap is complete you will be unwrapped and able to shower off the clay and feel the benefits of rejuvenated and detoxified skin.

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