Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Wraps originated many years ago to help rid the body of toxins.  But there are multiple health and beauty advantages from them as well.  These can be done at massage centers or beauty spas and there are actually recipes that will allow you to do your own natural wrap at home.

Seaweed Wrap Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Wrap for Detoxification

Through osmosis seaweed absorbs nutrients from the ocean.  Some of these are iron, zinc, potassium and copper as well as other vitamins. Our bodies which are primarily made of water require those same nutrients.  The way a seaweed wrap works is that after it is applied your body absorbs these nutrients while the seaweed extracts the toxins from your body.  It is essentially cleaning your body on the inside and the outside!  Seaweed absorbs nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the ocean and when your body absorbs these they help to break down fatty deposits in your body. You will need to increase your water intake before and after a wrap to avoid dehydration, after all the seaweed does remove toxins and you need to replace that water.

Benefits of a Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed wraps can help reduce cellulite, improve sagging skin and lessen stretch marks.  It improves the firmness of your skin all while removing toxins!   Even though most people get their first treatment for relaxation the many benefits keep them coming back for the next one.  Having a wrap can improve your circulation and increase your energy by increasing your metabolism.

The Process of the Seaweed Wrap

You can have a whole body wrap or just one area done such as your face or hips and thighs.  When you arrive for your treatment you will be asked to remove any clothing for the area you are having wrapped, usually the spa has something disposable for you to wear to avoid getting the paste on your own attire.  The wrap is applied as a paste that is spread over the area that you are having treated.  Once the paste has been smoothed over the area warm sheets or towels are applied.

Now your job is to relax and enjoy.  The paste and wrapping is usually left in place for up to 45 minutes.  Once the treatment is complete the covering is removed and you will rinse off the paste.  You will notice the difference in your skin as soon as this is done.  You may even notice your clothing is a little looser when you dress.

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