The eyes definitely have it. In fact, they have a great deal of information about your mental state, your emotions, and even your health. The eyes have been touted as the “windows to the soul” for very good reasons – because they are. Many people don’t realize that there is an actual practice of reading eyes, and that practice is called either scerology or sclerology, depending on your preference.

scerology Scerology

Scerology or Sclerology?

Most people think that scerology and sclerology are different, but they aren’t. In fact, they are the exact same thing – reading the eyes – and the reason that there are two different words, although similar, is due to misspelling in most cases. The proper word is actually sclerology.

Through this practice, a great deal of information about a person can be gained. The eyes can give us early warnings of health issues. Although this often pertains to pending problems with the eyes, it can also pertain to other health concerns in other areas of the body.

What Are the Benefits of Scerology?

The benefits of this practice are numerous. In this practice, the practitioner literally looks into your eyes to read them. They study the lines in the eyes, for the most part, but will also give credence to the dilation of the pupils as well.

The practice is often used to determine whether a treatment is working for a given health issue. This is typically used when the treatment is natural, or alternative. While the eyes can be read to diagnose problems and the effectiveness of treatment, they can also be read to help determine a person’s state of mind, enabling those who are trained in the practice to literally discover what their clients or patients are not telling them.

Why Scerology is Used

No equipment of any kind, other than the eyes of the practitioner and the client are used in the practice of scerology. This makes it an attractive form of diagnosis for many – especially those who prefer all natural health prevention and treatment.

Many people believe that the small red lines in the eyes give us insight into the mental condition of the person as well. Some people are trained to watch the eyes to detect a person’s honesty, for clues as to their character, and much more. Typically, those who are trained in this practice are natural health practitioners, of various types, and those who are in the field of psychology.

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