Shen Therapy

Shen Therapy is an approach to emotional health based on the understanding of how our emotions influence the mind and the body.  This therapy is more than a simple emotion triggering technique, it is considered to be a profound process of personal de-layering, emotional unfolding and growth.

Shen Therapy Shen Therapy

How Shen Therapy was Developed

The American scientist Richard R. Pavek is credited with the development of Shen Therapy.  He is a physicist and an engineer, who in the mid 1970’s attended a workshop on subtle energies.  It was in this workshop that he discovered that humans have a naturally occurring energy field that is associated with their emotional responses and perceptions.  He further discovered that the emotions that we hold in this field can have profound effects on both the mind and the body.  He found that the proper interaction of two people’s energy fields can produce therapeutic effects.  He studied the dynamics of emotion and since his training was in chemistry and physics, he followed the principles that apply to all systems in physics.  Shen Therapy is the combined results of all of his research.

This therapy utilizes the biofield (the naturally occurring electromagnetic field) which is produced by our own body to facilitate relaxing and releasing of both emotional and physical pain which is held in the body.  It has been proven effective; it is predictable because its concepts are based in physics and physiology.

Benefits of Shen Therapy

This therapy promotes relaxation, it helps to relieve both acute and chronic pain, and it is used to gain personal insight.  Shen is known for the benefits of treating many conditions where there is an impact on the physical or psychological function of the body that are attributed to traumatic experiences which we retain.  By improving our awareness we can transform physical and emotional wounds and empower ourselves.

Results of Shen Therapy

People who have completed this therapy have reported relief or reduction of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, chronic pain, migraines, repressed grief, sexual dysfunction, menstrual disorders, nightmares, irritable bowel syndrome and more.  Others have had shortened recovery times from surgery or injury.

They feelings and patterns of behavior that you previously had are changed.  You react to situations in a different and more healthy, beneficial way.   People report that they have emerged into the living their lives free from the emotions of the past and the fear of the future.   They live in the now and respond to what is occurring in the present with an improved ability to do so.

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