Space Clearing

Throughout our lives you have all done your spring cleaning; clearing the clutter, removing the cobwebs and the dust and unwanted items from your home.  You can feel the difference and energy a good cleaning can make.  There is another type of space clearing that is needed to shift the energy that resonates through all of you to a different, deeper level as well.

Space Clearing2 Space Clearing

Effects of Space Clearing

The movement and flow of energy otherwise known as chi that is in your home affects the other aspects of your life according to the fundamental principles of Feng Shui.   The chi is affected by many things about our space.  These can include the cleanliness of the space, amount of clutter in the space, arrangement of items within the space, their shape, color and the items themselves.   The residual energy of previous residents can be left behind and can cause affect on your chi.   These energies if they were not positive can lead to illness, unwanted hostile visitors or even death. These pockets of energy are said to be stuck and space clearing is required to remove them.

Removing the Clutter for Space Clearing

The process of removing the clutter is not just for the physical cleanliness that you achieve but to remove all the clutter that is no longer important in your life.  Clutter affects both the movement of chi and can also affect you psychologically.   Often you have items around that no longer serve any purpose.  Some are reminders of unhappy times, of reminders of a time in our life that was distressing to us.  These can disorient your mind and obstruct your flow of positive energy.  They hold you back.  Removing this clutter is powerful and has a positive effect on the shift of energy.

Ideal Uses for Space Clearing

New beginnings can be helped by clearing your space because it purifies the space bringing with it a dynamic new life force.  It gives the home and the people who reside there clarity of space with the spiritual vitality where new hopes and intentions can become reality.  You might want to clear your space after a relationship has ended or a new one is beginning, or when there has been illness or death.  Even with the birth of a child the same principles can be applied.

When beginning a new life in a new home would be a particular important time to remove the previous inhabitants energy that could potentially have unwelcome effects on your life. Using the fundamentals of feng shui for space clearing can definitely help to achieve a sense of flow and harmony within your environment.  Remember that even with the most optimal flow of chi that energetic debris can re-accumulate and you may need to clear your space routinely.

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