If energy healing is something that you are interested in, you need to know about Sekham. This form of energy healing has several different names – or spellings – and is also known as Seichem, SKHM, and Seichim. In some cases, the different spellings represent different forms of this type of energy healing.

Sekham Sekham

Where Sekham Originated

Although there are different types of Sekham, all of those types or practices originated from one source – Patrick Zeigler. Mr. Zeigler is an American who developed this form of energy healing after a pilgrimage to the pyramids in the early portion of the 1980s. Mr. Zeigler already had vast experience with energy healing techniques, and when he developed what he knew, and combined it with what he learned in his visit to the pyramids, the original form was called Seichim.

This particular form of Seichim, however, didn’t come from America. Instead, it came from an Australian, who built upon the original form of the practice. That Australian was Helen Belot. Neither practice, however, is thought to be either American or Australian, as far as their roots go. Instead, they are thought to be Egyptian.

The Difference between Seichim and Sekham

Seichim was the original form of the energy healing practice, but Sekham operates or works on a different level of energy vibration. In either case, the concept of the practice is that the person who is in search of energy healing needs to connect with one main source of energy. When the energy comes from that one source, it can be used for all types of healing purposes, including mental healing, physical healing, spiritual healing, and emotional healing.

The Practice that Incorporates Sekham the Most

This practice is seldom used as a stand-alone. Instead, it is commonly used with another form of healing, or energy work, and usually that healing form is Reiki. In fact, the actual order is that the practice is not a part of Reiki, but that Reiki is just one smaller part of this practice. With a combination of this practice and Reiki, the practitioner works with the client using the four healing energies – the earth element, the fire element, the water element, and the air element.

Typically, if you are participating in the practice of Reiki, or receiving Reiki services, you are also practicing or receiving this type of healing energy as well. Most experts believe that this healing energy simply cannot be separated from other forms of healing energy.

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