Shamanic Bodywork

Shamanic Bodywork could mean a variety of different things, depending on where the shaman originates from. Bodywork, in itself, is essentially working with the body to prevent or heal a problem, regardless of how serious or minor that problem may be. For all intents and purposes, this term should be applied to any shaman who is providing services to another individual through the practice of bodywork, as it is defined.

Shamanic Bodywork Shamanic Bodywork

Different Types of Shamanic Bodywork

There are as many different types of bodywork as there are shamans. For example, in Hawaii, shamans practice the bodywork known as Lomilomi. This form of body work is essentially massage therapy that is practiced using many different parts of the shamans body, such as the knees, elbows, hands, arms, and legs, and other items, such as sticks, boards, or rocks during the massage process.

Although different cultures have different names for shamanic practices, it is important to note that almost all shamans’ practices revolve around the same concepts, even though different words and descriptions are used.

How Shamanic Bodywork is Achieved

Bodywork that is performed by a shaman can be achieved in a variety of different ways. What we know as massage therapy may be used, but what we know as different alternative therapies or energy healing practices may also be used, such as Touch Therapy. Of course, in the practice of a shaman, this is not what these techniques are called.

The methods that are used for bodywork will typically be determined by the shaman’s culture, the past history of shamans in that culture, and the training that the shaman has received, as well as past experiences in healing arts that the shaman has had personally in helping others.

The Vast History of Shamanic Bodywork

Regardless of where the shaman originates from, you can be sure that there is a vast history behind the shamanic bodywork methods that will be used. Shamans have been in existence, it is believed, since the beginning of time, although they were not always referred to as shamans.

To learn about the history of the methods or techniques that are used in a shamans practice, you would have to look at the history of that particular shaman’s culture or heritage, but because not all shamans are trained within their own culture, you may have to know which country the shaman received training in, in an effort to find the historic information concerning the bodywork style or method that is being used.

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