Shell Essences

Have you ever walked along the seashore or beach and collected seashells? Did you ever consider that those seashells actually have shell essences, and those essences can be used for healing purposes? Who knew that so much power rested in those small but beautiful little shells? Shells, just like anything else, have an essence of their very own.

Shell Essences Shell Essences

Not All Shell Essences Are Used

There are only forty different shell essences that are used in energy healing work. These are shells of very specific mollusks. It is believed that the essence from the shells is located in the calcium deposits within the shells, and that those essences are released using a combination of water and sunlight, with the essence actually being released into the water.

Although not all shells are suitable for this type of energy work, it is important to note that the same shell can be used over and over again to make tinctures. These tinctures are then bottled, and used later, given to others, or sold to others.

How Shell Essences Are Used?

The tinctures that are made are taken orally, more or less. They are actually dropped into the mouth, using an eye dropper in most cases, and deposited under the tongue. Those who use this type of healing believe that the drops of the essence are absorbed within the body, through the energy meridians.

The forty different types of essences are used individually to treat specific problems, and they are used to treat the entire body, including the spirit and the mind as well. While using the wrong essence isn’t detrimental to your health, the specific condition that you are addressing will not be dealt with until you use the right essence. The essences can also be added to food or beverages, or even applied to the skin, which is important in case the essence has a foul taste.

Who Should Avoid Shell Essences?

Before you use any type of product, even natural products that you devise yourself, you should consult your doctor. This is especially important if you have medical issues, if you take medication, if you are pregnant, or if you are nursing a baby.

This type of energy healing should be used in conjunction with more conventional types of healing in the case of serious illnesses, and not as a replacement therapy. Otherwise, this type of energy healing is suitable for everyone.

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